Lee's Background

Lee Miller

First, a little background... Having participated heavily in athletics most of his life, Lee has always been one who thrives on competition and the thrill of victory. Therefore, it’s really no big surprise he ended up in a sales career even though after graduating from college, he never consciously decided to pursue a career in sales. Nonetheless, this characteristic served him well during a successful 22 year telecom career that has been punctuated with awards and prominent, national level management positions.

In the mid 1990's Lee had a sense of lacking or void in his career but it was still unclear then as to what specifically was missing. All other aspects of his life were rich and fulfilling. His family life was (and is) simply amazing. And since then, his children have grown to be respectful and loving young adults who have triumphed over what life has thrown them so far and will no doubt be relentless, and ultimately triumphant in the pursuit of their own career and family goals. Mission accomplished! Lee's marriage has always been admired, and sometimes even envied, by those who knew how awesome it was so there was definitely no void there either.

It was seeing these areas of Lee's life being so fulfilled that enabled him to gain clearer perspective on his career voids. His monetarily successful career had been lacking purpose and sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for years. This perspective also revealed why, beginning in the mid 1990's, Lee felt compelled to leave stable corporate positions for risky startup positions where risk was extremely high but rewards, if attained were plentiful also. It was in these years of his career that Lee had been swinging for the proverbial fences but had always struck out; never attaining the riches of a successful start up.

After "yet another" (his fourth) start up company venture ended with no pot of gold, Lee's desire to fill the career void was paramount in his thought process. He was adamant about NOT repeating the mistake of chasing another hollow dream of start up IPO. Nor did he want to settle for a decent but unfulfilling J-O-B. He wanted some clear direction in my next career decision. He needed guidance from someone beside himself as to what he might do that would fill this career void.

Lee sought out life coaching which led him to Life Purpose Institute where he received just the guidance he was seeking. LPI revealed to Lee his purpose; the means by which he is to find fulfillment in his work. Informally and intermittently he had been successfully counseling friends who had lost the spark once present in their relationship and also helping friends to transition their careers to ones yielding more satisfaction.

With no formal training, Lee had been able to positively impact these people's lives and derive a sense of fulfillment and reward for himself. The fulfillment was much more meaningful than those he derived from closing big sales.

It was therefore obvious that Lee owed it to himself to pursue coaching as his means of obtaining a sense of purpose and fulfillment from work. Lee is not ashamed to admit this decision was selfishly motivated but he's thrilled to be helping those who come to him.