About Life Coaching

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Each life coaching client is unique and special with their own gifts, talents, interests and preferences. The job as a coach is to honor and support each individual and their unique purpose, goals and life direction. Coaching differs from traditional counseling in that coaching dwells on taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. Traditionally, counseling deals more with helping clients cope with issues they may have from their past.

The role Lee takes on as your coach can be extremely important to help you achieve your dreams, goals and desires. He has the opportunity to make a significant difference in many people's lives. His life coaching practice is based on the Life Purpose Process, a copyrighted technique from Life Purpose Institute, www.lifepurposeinstitute.com. This is the process in which he has been trained and certified. Life coaching using the Life Purpose Process is focused and results oriented and intended to be short term. Coaches address their client's needs and goals. Lee possesses many powerful tools and processes to assist his client in reaching their goals. The Life Purpose Process usually takes six to eight 60-90 minute sessions or twelve to sixteen 30 minute sessions over several weeks or several months, depending on the client's timetable.

When people seek out life coaching for personal goals they very often need creative solutions and ideas. The Life Purpose method is a very creative process that helps the client design a life that truly works for them. The Life Purpose Process addresses life from a philosophical and spiritual perspective and helps people bring passion, purpose and meaning into all areas of their lives.

Coaches have a variety of specialties, or niches in how they help clients such as:

  • Create a more balanced and fulfilling life
  • Design a meaningful career path
  • Discover their life purpose and create a life and career that expresses it.
  • Clarify personal and professional goals
  • Develop and follow through on a plan of action
  • Overcome a block that's stopping them from achieving their goals
  • Enhance their personal and professional relationships
  • Make the transition into their new life (i.e. get a new job, start a business, work toward a personal goal, etc.)
  • Clarify priorities and how best to use time and energy
  • Cope more effectively with change
  • Integrate spirituality into their daily lives
  • Stay focused