Relationship Enhancement

Lee and Le Ann Miller

Whether your relationship is in critical need of rescue or it has simply lost the spark that it once had, Lee can help. Lee's philosophy on relationships is, "Why settle for a 'pretty good' comfortable relationship when, with a little effort you can experience levels of love, joy and bliss that make every day of your relationship as harmonious and intensely delightful as it was during those first few months or even on your honeymoon?" Lee believes you owe an obligation to your spouse to give everything of yourself, holding nothing back and allowing complete unbridled vulnerability with each other. Relinquish all caveats and reservations. Give over that "last 10%" of yourself. Take the "leap of trust" so that you experience the fullness of every aspect of a trusting, loving relationship. Doing so heightens the intensity of every aspect of the relationship.

The first and last step in achieving the ultimate relationship begins and ends with communication. It sounds cliché, yes, and while it's true it's not as easy to do as it seems. Lee is very skilled at making that occur for couples.

Another Happy Couple